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The Insurance Alliance of Michigan (IAM) is a non-profit public information and governmental affairs association that represent the interests of 38 property and casualty insurance companies/groups and 56 other insurance-related groups operating in Michigan. 


IAM membership is available to insurance companies admitted or authorized to do business in Michigan. Full membership is proportional, based on company premium volume in Michigan. Associate, Law Firm and Subscriber memberships are also available to companies, insurance trade groups and industry-related organizations.


There are many benefits to IAM membership, including:


  • Actively represents member interests to the Michigan’s Legislature, providing detailed information to lawmakers to help them understand the industry's perspective on key legislation.

  • Provides timely updates on key legislative and regulatory issues to members. 

  • Participate in the preparation of amicus briefs on behalf of Michigan's insurance industry. IAM is sometimes asked by Michigan courts to weigh in on specific court cases.

  • Serves as a credible industry source for legislators, media, and consumers on issues affecting Michigan’s insurance industry. 

  • Conducts statewide studies that support and guide the understanding of insurance-related issues.

  • Monitors and serves as an industry liaison on state regulatory issues, including two-way communications on proposals prior to regulatory action.

  • Testifies before Legislative committees on behalf of its members. 

  • Expands member and consumer outreach through social networking. Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook and through our website.

  • Serves as an industry advocate on legislation and regulations to ensure a healthy and competitive insurance environment.


For more information on how your organization can benefit from IAM membership, contact us.



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