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Meet a Member: State Auto Insurance Companies

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Throughout the year, the Insurance Alliance of Michigan will be highlighting its member companies so you can learn a little more about each of our members and the work they're doing to protect our families, homes and businesses and make our roads safer.

State Auto Insurance Companies is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio and has independent agents dotted across Michigan. Find them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

How many offices do you have in Michigan and where are they located? While we do not have a corporate office in Michigan, we have hundreds of independent agents who represent State Auto throughout the state.

How many people do you employ? Approximately 1,900.

How many independent agents do you work with? Approximately 44,000 nationwide. What types of insurance do you offer? Personal auto and home, small and middle market commercial, farm and ranch, and workers’ compensation

What charitable giving efforts is your company involved in? As a company, and as individual associates, we’re very involved in our communities. The State Auto Foundation focuses its resources on three areas: food insecurity, education and housing. Associates are encouraged to take two days off annually to volunteer with 501(c)3 organizations in their communities, and charitable donations are matched through our Jack C. Boyle Matching Gift Program. What sets your company apart from others in your industry? We are a company transforming not because we think we can sell insurance more effectively ourselves, but because we believe we can be an even better partner for independent agents. We believe that real and significant change will continue to disrupt our industry in dramatic ways. We believe we’re best positioned to take advantage of that change with our digital platform, well designed products, talented workforce, innovative culture and outstanding distribution force. We’re now focused on getting better at everything we do, every day.

The insurance industry has played a big part in Michigan’s comeback. Why should recent college graduates consider a career in insurance? The insurance industry is changing more rapidly than most any other industry in our economy. That’s creating tremendous opportunities for those who are willing to embrace that change, who enjoy collaborating, and thrive in an environment that moves quickly and expects action. At State Auto, in particular, we’re looking for individuals with an entrepreneurial, innovative mindset, because that’s what our 1,900 associates share.

What Michigan landmark best represents your company? The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, where one can feel the impact of bold decisions throughout our history on everything from transportation to utilities to music. We believe the bold decisions we’ve made in recent years will ensure that State Auto, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2021, will long endure, in service to its agents and policyholders.

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